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Vicentine Dream
30 August 2017

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Enjoy life
1 December 2017

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7 July 2007

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Photographer Shadow
19 June 2007

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Sintra Wine Shop
17 June 2007

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Lisbon at night
11 June 2007

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Barcelona Subway
10 June 2007

Recent Comments

Gingko60 on Dublin Ireland Center 2
Très beau point de vue !!

Ana Lúcia on Dublin Ireland Center 2
Gosto da composição, mas ainda estou na dúvida se teria mantido o edifício do lado esquerdo ...

Existence Artistique on Dublin Ireland Center 2
bel effet

Existence Artistique on Walk on ... Dublin 2
bien agréable

rbassin on B & w Ireland
bon angle de vue sur cette architecture.

Ana Lúcia on B & w Ireland
Aquele relógio parece dominar toda a cena. Muito bom pb.

Existence Artistique on B & w Ireland
bel effet sous cette perspective

Existence Artistique on Walking around Dublin 2

Existence Artistique on Walking around Dublin

Harry on Old Buildings
an impressive plaza

Existence Artistique on Old Buildings
agréable cette place

Ana Lúcia on Old Buildings
Antigos, mas charmosos :)

Existence Artistique on Circle and Lines
superbe cette boule

Existence Artistique on Trinity College Campanile 2
bien cet édifice

ceteceva on Cracked World
Bel effet !

Ana Lúcia on Cracked World
Vi uma escultura semelhante em Roma... O efeito do reflexo ficou excelente.

Jean-Luc.M on Cracked World
A superbly graphic work, very well rendered on this photo of this place with gray walls.

Olivier P on Cracked World
Très belle prise !!! J'aime beaucoup l'ensemble ! Bien joué !

Existence Artistique on Cracked World
oh superbe l'effet sépia du reflet dans cette boule

Babzy on Cracked World
Very nice !

Existence Artistique on Walk on ... Dublin

Existence Artistique on Passing by

Existence Artistique on Trinity College Campanile

Paula Ramos on Guiness is good for you!
Adorei esta foto...subscrevo e confirmo Guinness is good for you, for me, for us, for everybody. Kiss

Existence Artistique on Waiting to Play
allez à fond la musique

Michael Skorulski on Waiting to Play
I hope they sounded as cool as they look.

omid on Streets of Dublin 3
such beautiful composition, perspective, colors & textures!

Existence Artistique on Streets of Dublin 3
bien cette perspective

beach on Streets of Dublin 3
Great shot

Existence Artistique on Guiness is good for you!

Existence Artistique on The Temple Bar

Existence Artistique on Temple Bar Dublin
bel effet

AMIR BABA on Temple Bar Dublin

Existence Artistique on Streets of Dublin 2
bien cette foule

beach on Streets of Dublin
Nice. Brings back memories of our trip to the the Emerald Isle.

Michael Skorulski on Streets of Dublin
A super composition. How wonderful to explore such an interesting city.

Darkelf Photography on Ha'penny Bridge
Fine composition and tones.

Ana Lúcia on Ha'penny Bridge
Fez-me lembrar Tomar, a tua cidade :)

Becky on Ha'penny Bridge
A wonderful shot and scene.

Existence Artistique on Ha'penny Bridge

Ana Lúcia on What Yellow Bus?
Um colorido ao "cinza apagado" da cidade.

Existence Artistique on What Yellow Bus?
bien monté

Ana Lúcia on In the Center
Tudo tão arrumadinho, limpinho e convidativo. Parece-me um local que dá vontade de visitar.

Existence Artistique on In the Center

Existence Artistique on Castle Windows 3
c'est une bonne recherche

Ronnie 2¢ on Castle Windows 3
What a strong visual statement this makes . .

Michael Skorulski on Castle Windows 3
A lovely well-framed image.

Existence Artistique on Castle Windows 2

Existence Artistique on Castle Windows

Ana Lúcia on Dublin Castle 2
A menina de roxo abrilhantou a cena.

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